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          “It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.”

          – Henri Cartier-Bresson

          Hej, jag är Alin.
          I am a wedding and family photographer based in Sweden.

          I’m a proud father of 3 amazing children (Andreea, Ana and Alex) and loving husband to my beautiful wife Oana. I’m always searching for pure emotion and intimacy in each image I create. I’m not looking for the perfect pose, but for the perfect you. Authentic and relaxed. Let me document a beautiful and important part of your life. Either as a couple, family, or on your wedding day!


          I've been a professional photographer for over 16 years. During that time, much of my work has focused on weddings, couples, and family photography.

          In addition to being an internationally published and awarded photographer, I’m also currently a Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador. In recent years I've dedicated much of my time outside of shooting weddings to judging photography contests and presenting at photography events.

          I live in Värnamo and cover destinations throughout Sweden as well as globally.

          ...and the WOWs just continued

          We had a perfect collaboration with Alin at our wedding. We loved his approach to photography because we were very nervous about our wedding, not knowing if we would be able to do it all in time. Well, Alin, with his positivity and hard work, made things easier for us. Giving us confidence and peace of mind. The amazing part was that we didn't feel his presence around us; we didn't feel any pressure. So we were able to be very natural, and the result was fantastic. When he delivered the final photos, we were "WOW... These two people are us?! WOW... I don't remember this moment," and the WOWs just continued. He gave us the best memories for a lifetime!

          - CRISTINA & IONUT

          An easy choice

          It was an easy choice to have Alin as our wedding photographer. We wanted photos that captured the moments of the event as it happened and convey a sense of feeling for what went on there. Alin’s natural style of photography suited us, and the photos we received are one of the best investments in our wedding party – they’re essentially our memories of the whole event. We highly recommend Alin, and we’d enjoy working with him again.

          - MATILDA & RADU

          ...what kind of sorcery is this?

          Alin! Allow us to start this little testimonial by saying THANK YOU!
          It was an absolute pleasure (luck played its role as well) meeting you and getting you on board to help us on our wedding day. You are an absolute professional and 100% committed to what you love the most: photography and visual art.
          Both I and Dana believe that our little "collaboration project" went great, and we are thrilled about the results. Just awesome. Fabulous. We do not get enough of going through our wedding photos! And it is always taking us back to those days as you managed to capture the best moments in the best possible manner. You have "this kind of magic" and it is an awesome gift. Throughout the weekend we spent together, we felt like you are there, and you are not there at the same time; what kind of sorcery is this? We guess all the people you worked with are big fans of this perspective. It feels personal and takes off some pressure ?. You always convey joy, happiness, positivity, and calm. These are all unique qualities and highly appreciated.

          - DANA & DRAGOS