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        “It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.”

        – Henri Cartier-Bresson

        Hej, jag är Alin.
        I am a wedding and family photographer based in Sweden.

        I’m a proud father of 3 amazing children (Andreea, Ana and Alex) and loving husband to my beautiful wife Oana. She's a doctor and as you've already may have guessed, I'm a photographer. We've moved to Sweden for its stunning nature and family life.
        I'm 39 and I've been a professional wedding, couples and family photographer for the past 16 years. Apart for this I love to photograph nature and wildlife, I love to travel a lot and discover great local recipes and wines.
        I've been awarded and published both nationally and internationally and I've got the best recognition for my skills when I've been appointed as Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador.


        We had just a perfect colaboration with Alin at our weeding. We loved his aproach towards us beause we were very nervous for our big wedding, not knowing if we will be able to do it all in time. Well, Alin a smiling and positive person, just made things easier for us, giving us confidence and peace of mind. The amazing part was that we didn't felt his presence around us, we didn't felt any pressure so we were able to be very natural and the result was more than fantastic. When he delivered the final photos we were \"WOW... These two people are us?! WOW... I don't remember this moment\" and the WOWs just continued. He gaves us the best memories for a lifetime.

        - CRISTINA & IONUT


        It was an easy choice to have Alin as our wedding photographer. We wanted photos that captured the moments of the event, as it happened, and convey a sense of feeling for what went on there. Alin’s natural style of photography suited us and the photos we got are one of the best investments in our wedding party – they’re essentially our memories of the whole event. We highly recommend Alin and we’d enjoy working with him again.

        - MATILDA & RADU


        Most of our time during the bride & groom photos was spent talking and laughing, and we often forgot that there was a camera. He was so unobtrusive throughout the whole night and had such a sweet personality. The photos are so beautiful and we are so grateful to Alin.

        - IOANA & FLORIAN


        We live in Värnamo, a cozy city in Småland, near Jönköping and my goal is to cover as much as possible the Scandinavian region to discover great love stories of couples who lives in this beautiful lands.

        I love to blend and tell the story as it happens without interfering and so, to create memories for people to cherish their entire lives.

        At the end of the day I won't be just your photographer, but you're newest friend.