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        Everyone knows them as Ucku and Ucka. He’s the VP of a big MC club and she’s his “old lady” in terms of MC world. They wanted a metal wedding, and metal it was. From the bikes, clothes and music to the wedding bouquet!

        It was a blast weekend for me and that is for sure, because this people know how to party, how to love each other and how to express themselves.

        My 72 hours: fly a plane to Timisoara, ride a Harley to the wedding, shoot the craziest wedding, back to Bucharest driving a Porsche Carrera 4s, fly a plane to Cappadocia and end up 400m up into the air, hanging in pure silence at 4AM in a hot-air balloon. It was a dream, but real!

        Liked it? Want to see more metal?


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